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I am a Staff Nurse at the Children's and Young People's Oak Centre Cancer Unit at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Each and every one of the children, teenagers and young adults that I have come into contact with fight their journey through cancer with immense courage, bravery and determination.

Treatment success rates are ever increasing as technology and our knowledge evolves however, tragically not all of these children and young people will survive.

At the Royal Marsden it is our job to provide optimum treatment and care for the patient and their family throughout their journey, and work for the best possible outcome from point of diagnosis, throughout treatment and in some cases, end of life care.

I feel privileged to work at this Specialist Oncology Hospital, caring for such wonderful people who are an inspiration to us all.

But, I want to do more to make a difference; This is where I need your help!......

Any of you who know me well will also know that shamefully, I've never really been one for going to the gym, or exercising much in general - let alone running. Therefore you may think the idea that I am going to run a half marathon is quite hilarious!!? Well, laugh all you like, because that is exactly what I am going to do!

This will be a personal victory and achievement for me, but primarily I am running to benefit these precious children, young adults and their families; to bring some light and laughter into their lives at a difficult and overwhelming time.

I want to raise a minimum of £3000. So, please dig deep and sponsor this brilliant cause so close to my heart.

No donation would be too big or too small - every penny will be gratefully received and will help spur me on through the 13.1 miles!


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HAM are proud to support Sophie Wyer in running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity on Sunday, 6th October 2013 who raised £3,600.