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Grants for Individuals:

Currently there is less requirement for funding capital projects at the Royal Marsden, and the focus is on treating patients as out patients allowing them to be at home whenever possible. Therefore we are now offering grants to individuals receiving treatment, trying to assist with some of the hidden costs such as transport, childcare and subsistence, particularly in cases of financial hardship. Also anything that makes a difference, physically, emotionally or socially, such as private pilates lessons, clothing vouchers, providing guitar and music lessions.

The HAM grants sub-committee meets monthly and considers each request that has to meet the eligibility criteria and be supported by a professional working with the young person. Most grant requests are responded to quickly and positively and have been very much appreciated by their recipient.

HAM Grants Feedback

“Thank you” - for the grant towards a shopping spree for a young patient receiving palliative care - “she was over the moon”

CLIC Sargent Worker

“Many thanks from us all” - for the grant for our daughter to buy a new laptop – “and for your good wishes - it has already lifted her mood and will help her enormously in the coming months”

Mother of a patient

“The headphones will make a great difference for our young people in the bays so that they are able to watch the television later in the evening without the worry of disturbing each other”


“We currently have a music therapist with us for the next 5 months so having the keyboard will make a great difference enabling young people to continue their music practice or even learn a new skill and take their mind off things whilst they are having treatment”


“Thank you for the individual grants you have given lately. In particular for one family you helped who really benefitted as your grant enabled the parent of a young girl having treatment to stay a couple of nights in a hotel for respite when she had been travelling up to the hospital daily to see her daughter over a period of months”


“The service you provide in partnership with CLIC Sargent and TCT is of major importance since you fill the gaps of the system whenever possible. This has in many times changed the lives of the young people that are receiving treatment and I am very grateful for your understanding and flexibility about it, many times you are the only ones out there with the capacity to help. Thank you for all your hard work, keep on going, you make an impact!”

CLIC Sargent Social Worker

“Thank you for helping a family that was not able to receive certain benefits and were in constant debt because they were travelling for years from Brighton to the Marsden, the vouchers you provided helped buy them food and basic needs”

CLIC Sargent Worker

“I remember a young person who was about to die and HAM provided her with support so she could have contact with her son at the end of her life”

CLIC Sargent Worker

“Thank you for helping a young person who needed accommodation during radiotherapy that allowed his parents to be with him at such a difficult time”

CLIC Sargent Worker

“I wanted to feedback about ******* She was absolutely delighted and really excited to receive her guitar and have some lessons, she expressed that this is something she has always wanted to do and will really help her to take her mind off things as it is something she which she knows she will find really therapeutic. She expressed how much this has lifted her mood and acted as a distraction from her current treatment”

TCT Worker

“I am writing to thank you for a grant application that you recently accepted for me. I used it to buy a laptop as I had requested. So far this laptop has been incredibly responsive and able to deal with any task I’ve asked of it. I hope in the future to use this laptop as a source of relaxation as well as using it to learn one or multiple coding languages that both interest me and have been suggested I learn by my work colleagues. Thank you for your very generous grant”

A Patient

“I am ever so grateful for the generous grant you have given me towards my veterinary course, thank you so very much”

A Patient

“I cannot even begin to thank you enough for the amazing weekend you organised for me, I never thought I would actually see Beyonce live and I can honestly tell you that I was often speechless throughout her performance. So thank you so much for giving me this experience. Thank you also for my Rush hair voucher it was such a treat to finally get my hair done professionally and to be pampered like that. Thank you so much for such a fabulous weekend and break, one which I will never forget! All my love and appreciation”

A Patient (whose eligibility with a wish-granting charity had expired)

“I can’t believe it, I’m so excited!”

A Patient-when she heard she had been awarded a grant to do a photography course during her third bone-marrow transplant.