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HAM Fundraising Committee invited to Oak Centre's
1st Birthday Celebrations

HAM Fundraising Committee were delighted to be invited to the 1st Birthday celebration of the Oak Centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital at Sutton which was officially opened in 2011. It was especially uplifting to listen to a young 23 year old man talk about his experience whilst undergoing intensive treatment on the unit. He said that it had made his stay in hospital more 'normal' and had made all the difference to his recovery.

The Ham committee and members donating a pool table to the Marsden unit.

H.A.M. Fundraising Committee members in the Chill Out Zone in the Oak Centre.

HAM contriuted towards the Chill Out Zone and provided a pool table which has been very popular with patients, families and friends as it made them feel as though they were more in touch with the 'outside world' rather than in a hospital environment. HAM are very proud to know that their money has made such a huge difference to the young people who have so unfortunately had to undergo cancer treatment but have felt very fortunate that they were able to do so at the Oak Centre. The Teenage Cancer Trust spokeswoman thanked HAM committee for their support.