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The HAM Ad Card

The H-A-M Ad Card was launched last year November 2017– It is A5 in size and made from a decent grade paper – we encourage people to keep the card throughout the year as it is full of local advertisers

The idea is to give businesses the chance to donate to H-A-M and in return H-A-M will advertise their business on the website and on The Ad Card

The first year we sold 18 spaces – printed 2000 Ad Cards – some were distributed at The H-A-M Firework Party at the Bell Outwood and the remainder were posted locally around the nearby towns and villages

This year we intend to sell 50 spaces – print 10,000 leaflets and distribute them around the RH post code by the post office

If you wish to advertise the cost is £100 per ad and all we need is a business card

Please post your business cards to The Shipley Bridge Garage, Antlands Lane, Shipley Bridge, RH6 9TE and mark them with the words: H-A-M Ad Card – a tax deductible invoice will be sent out This is a non profit making exercise – completely voluntary – the only deductions are the printing costs and the distribution costs

  • Your donations will go to help patients and families

  • More information can be found on the H-A-M web pages

  • If you feel you would like to make personal donations

  • H-A-M will put your donation to the best possible use

  • If you wish - your name can be published on the website


    Our Current HAM Ad Cards